Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Operation S & H

Operation S & H is "Slender and Healthy." You know, with more focus on "healthy" than "slender," but not going all "How I feel/look is better than what the scale says," because honestly I do have to pay attention to what the scale says. This is because I do jiujitsu and I horseback ride. A horses weight limit is about 20% of their body limit, and my horse is about 950 lbs, meaning I can't cross the point of 190 lbs. And jiujitsu? I want to compete... and if I want to compete, I have to hit, and stay, in a weight class.

So what am I? Right now I'm about 173lbs. I bounce between 175 and 160 and can never seem to get under the 160 mark. But my goal? 135lbs. That means I have to lose about 38 lbs.

I'm not sure I have an exact plan yet. I mean food-wise, and exercise wise, you know. This upcoming week I'll probably gain another 5 pounds for emotional stress as my boyfriend, who has been here visiting a few weeks, will be going back overseas, to his home, for the next year or so. But who knows. Maybe I'll just run off the emotional stress instead of eat to fill it.

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